Why are we here?

Welcome to blogginNoggin! The two cousins with two (and a half) cents!

We are two cousins who wanted to bring our complex lives together and share how we overcame our mental hurdles and created a healthier lifestyle for ourselves.  On this site you’ll hopefully be able to gain knowledge on living a healthier lifestyle, improving mental strength and overall life experiences.  Allow us to individually introduce ourselves and detail out what each of us will focus on.

Hi my name is Gabby!  Personally I’ve overcome over six mental illnesses and I want to share how I did it because my methods were completely different from what psychologists told me over the years.  For a disclosure though, these will not come as advice but rather my life experiences that you can draw from as you wish.  To list a few I overcame and would like to shed the light on are depression, PTSD, dermatillomania, orthorexia, etc.  My main focus is to be completely raw with these for your best benefit.  In addition, I will share other interesting life stories, such as being in hiding in a foreign country at the age of ten.  

If you’re constantly feeling a rollercoaster of emotions and trying to find a balance, we’re on the same page ;). I’m Celina, and I’ve managed to cope with struggles in my life by creating a hobby or lifestyle change, and talking to many experienced people with questions I had related to mental and physical health.  I love having a balanced and organized life, and sharing my best tips and becoming a mentor and positive figure is my goal to help you become your most genuine self!

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